• Our Tariff Plans

$15monthly- unlimited local call & SMS/text

(promotional plan-starting April 21, 2018)

Activation Method

  1. Works with any unlocked GSM-900 phone.
  2. No activation required.
  3. $10 initial balance.


  1. Find your mobile number: Dial *99#
  2. Check balance: Dial *780#
  3. Recharge: Dial *660* Voucher Number#

Inbound Calling

  1. Dial the call-in # and then enter the 880-xxxx number
  2. Enter a call-in number, then comma (,) and then the PT Waves number (880-xxxx). E.g. +6326263338,880xxxx if you’re in Philippines.
    a.This way you can store the number in you phone’s address book and avoid manual dialing.